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This website does not collect, without knowledge and consent, personal data of its users.

The data, information and inquiries sent to us via email, if personal in nature, are always used confidentially.

Any content or personal data that sent to IMOFACTOR websites is subject to the Privacy Policy its personal data protection.

Any content or data communication of a non-personal nature sent via this website, e-mail or other, containing information, questions, comments and suggestions will be considered non-confidential and non-proprietary.

When you submit information on our websites, you should take into account that its content is your responsibility, it cannot be defamatory, and that the its cannot violate the rights of others, or the law.

Accuracy, completeness and temporal validity of the content: while we try to ensure the accuracy of the information and content on this website, except where legally mandated by law, we cannot assume, in any event, any liability if the information provided is not absolutely accurate or incomplete.

This website is just an intermediate means of information: the most complete and detailed data can be obtained using our services directly or visiting any of the properties listed on this website.

IMOFACTOR reserves the right to refuse giving any information to those who identify themselves inadequately or wish to remain anonymous.

In any case, other, more accurate information, regarding the commercial interests of the company or the privacy of its owners is not available by any other means than personal contact and is subject to the consent of the involved parties and identification of those who request it.

IMOFACTOR is free to use, if deemed appropriate, any ideas, suggestions, and concepts present in any communication you send to us, including for development, production, advertising and marketing purposes. This use is exempt from any compensation to those who provide such information.

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